This was meant to be a very nice, fun set showcasing some of my favorite outfits. Unfortunately, my choice of location wasn’t the best, or perhaps SL has been acting up in general lately – I fought through some incredible lag and crashed a number of times before calling it a day photography-wise.

Frankfurt in Second Life is an impressive location, though, and I was really excited about it. Many notable landmarks have been reproduced and I found myself very familiar with the layout, as well!


“Blue Danube” Outfit
Hat: Lulu knit hat from Celestial Studios.
Hair: Lacies Choice in copper from RaC (Mallory Cowen).
Eyes: Strong Green eyes from Miriel (Miriel Enfield).
Skin: Ash in Medium from Empyrean Emporium (Gala Phoenix).
Glasses: GC2564 Glasses (Charcoal/Medium) from FNKY! (Funk Schnook).
Jacket: Cropped Wrapped Sweater in black from PixelDolls (Nephilaine Protagonist). Freebie!
Dress: Celeste in blue from PixelDolls (Nephilaine Protagonist). Freebie!
Tights: Blue tights from Paper Couture (Lu Sisters). Freebie!
Shoes: MaryJane Flats (Patent-Urban) from Boing Fromage (elka Lehane).

The extra special part about the outfit? All items are copiable, so it’s folder-friendly!