Obession has a name and it is Ieva’s Polka! Ieva’s Polka is perhaps best known from LeekSpin.com, but it’s really a delicious Finnish folk song from Loituma. And it’s catchy as all get out!

Thanks to Ducknipple (and to Fashion Heaven for being the first to share), I can now "share" this obsession with all my friends in SL, too! XD The leek swings around in your hand and sings part of the nonsense verses from Ieva’s Polka. Cool, right? Yeah! :D

Hat: Lulu knit hat from Celestial Studios.
Hair: Lacies Choice in copper from RaC (Mallory Cowen).
Eyes: Strong Green eyes from Miriel (Miriel Enfield).
Skin: Ash in Medium from Empyrean Emporium (Gala Phoenix).
Glasses: GC2564 Glasses (Charcoal/Medium) from FNKY! (Funk Schnook).
Jacket: Cropped Wrapped Sweater in black from PixelDolls (Nephilaine Protagonist). Freebie!
Dress: Celeste in blue from PixelDolls (Nephilaine Protagonist). Freebie!
Tights: Blue tights from Paper Couture (Lu Sisters). Freebie!
Shoes: MaryJane Flats (Patent-Urban) from Boing Fromage (elka Lehane).
LEEK: Swinging Leek! from Ducknipple (beanster Potato).