necro neko

necro neko close-up

This is what happens when I fall into bed after a long day in both Second Life and Hellgate London – I wake up with one thought in my head: “Necro Neko.” There’s just something about alliteration that digs into my brain and refuses to leave. And, of course, an undead kitty is just as adorable as a live one, right? I really love these shots, they turned out exactly as I wanted.

Location: Midian City (SLURL)

Ears and Tail: White Neko Ear and Tail Set, tinted, from ExtroVirtual.
Hair: Ryuuzaki from Kin Keiko.
Skin: Undead from Alexitimia Tattoo.
Eyes: Arctic Ocean from Miriel.
Clothing: Belted from Winter Moon.
Choker, Belt, and Boots: Mala Miau.