portal candy

The cake is a lie. But it still tastes great!

Location: I haven’t been able to find any Portal builds in SL yet, so I built one myself – that’s also why the floor is so blurry, I made the textures!

Props: The Weighted Companion Cube is a freebie from the designer behind Neurotic. The cake is an extremely random cheapie available at the “Special Events Area & Sandbox” on the Helium sim (SLURL). You can also get a 2-prim Weighted Companion Cube there. (Not pictured.)

Hair: Raven from RaC.
Skin: Frecklexplosion Spring from Candy Flanagan (me!)
Eyes: Green Deep from Simtropia.
Earrings and Necklace: Strawberry Set from Canimal.
Bracelets: (Left) Valentine Bracelet from Kurotsubaki; (Right) Chocolat Sweet Bracelet from Honey Kitty .
Spoon: Eating Cream from Honey Kitty.
Jacket: Snack Snack Parka from BareRose.
Pants: A001 Jeans from Armidi.
Legwarmers: Cavity Legwarmers from Kitty Scraps.
Shoes: Green/Yellow Sculpted Sneakers from Sculpties Up In Here.