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If you’re looking for a great background for your next silks photoshoot, try Cicada (SLURL). My contacts on Flickr have been busy exploring and photographing this gorgeous sim and I just had to see it for myself. (See Ramona Forcella‘s shot or Divine Tokyoska‘s take.)

Most of the furniture pictured is from NOTsoBAD (SLURL), a furniture store that carries more than just Arabian-themed items. I was impressed with the texturing work and prim-saving use of sculpties. Some pieces are a bit expensive, like the fully functioning sex beds, but most items are affordable.

Cicada seems to be a mall and rental sim, with a lovely themed club in the middle. There’s also an event of some kind going on, with special vendors set up around the TP spot. It’s a French-owned sim, so I couldn’t glean much more information about it!