lunar lounge 001

Photo Credits

I am still so in love with the seafoam shoes and scarf set from Leafy (SLURL) that I can’t wear anything else. When I saw the latest releases from Opium Everyday (SLURL), I nearly squealed. The Gwen cropped top in blue/lime is a fun layered shirt and the colors are oh-so-seafoam. The price tag of L$60 a pop doesn’t hurt either! A little accessorizing later and I had a new outfit, which I adore.

I wandered around Tableau (SLURL) looking for a place to take pictures. There’s a lovely little lounge tucked away in a moon, which I fell in love with immediately. While I was taking pictures, aAshley Daines, a very chipper lady, started chatting me up and she looked so great in her Paper Couture dress that I offered to take her picture. Check it out! I love meeting new people, so don’t be shy if you see me in-world!