RC - Voguey Friends

RC Cluster (SLURL) is having a sale! Nearly everything on the first floor at the mainstore is 50% off, but only through the end of today. If you haven’t been to RC Cluster before, get there fast! The store is full of quirky odds and ends. RC Cluster has household appliances, school supplies, a Thanksgiving feast, even crutches and a wheelchair. You’ll find a lot of things to make your SL more like your RL, right down to pubes and armpit hair. (Eww!)

There are also cute poses, like the “Voguey Friends” pose pictured above. The poses are not currently on sale, but quite reasonably priced. I got the skating rink at RC Cluster as well, a half-price sale was the perfect excuse to splurge on a fun, new build.

RC - Sibling Rivalry

There’s so much cool stuff that Agnes and I had to duke it out over who gets to buy what. The RC Cluster pose “Sibling Rivalry” was the perfect way to express our petty frustrations. Of course, she’s on the wrong team – go Pink Tacos! If you haven’t chosen sides yet, you can get a roller derby uniform at Katat0nik (SLURL). Just don’t let me catch you in a Khorndog uniform or you’ll get what Aggie did! (No Aggies were harmed in the making of this post.)