SRD - Lucretia

Silver Rose Designs (SLURL) has long been one of my favorite stores, even though I have never blogged any of Yuriko Muromachi’s designs before. With so many great stores in SL, it’s often difficult to feature your favorites, but I just knew I had to blog the new Lucretia dresses from SRD. While these lovely, “grown-up lolita” dresses have been released in nine gorgeous jewel tones, the pink version pictured above is a camping prize. The camping chairs, which require the Silver Rose Designs group tag, are underneath a tree in the courtyard of the main store. Only eight minutes and this simple, yet feminine summer dress is yours!

In the spirit of “the best things in life are free”, the jewelry I chose for the photo is also free! There are six free jewelry sets available at Lucas Lameth (SLURL), each with necklace, earrings, and bangles. Lucas Lameth Fine Jewelry, formerly Earthtones, has also been one of my favorite stores for ages, so I was happy to include Lucas’ jewelry!

For full details on what is worn, click the photo to view the Flickr page, as always!