My Boyfriend's Sweater 001

When I saw the new loose sweater from Arai (SLURL), I knew I had to have it. Arai is a men’s clothing store. In RL, wearing men’s clothing is easy, but the nature of prim attachments in SL often means pieces need fine tuning. I shrank the prim sleeves and body to fit, made sure I was wearing the shirt layer to make the sweater loose, and put together an outfit. With my favorite pair of Zaara (SLURL) jeans and Slanted Fox (SLURL) sneakers, I was comfortably dressed.

My Boyfriend's Sweater 003

The girly accessories from Yummy (SLURL) and Scribble (SLURL) softened the masculine look, making it seem like I just stole my boyfriend’s sweater before heading out. Let’s just hope he doesn’t remember all the band t-shirts I already “borrowed”!