Product Spotlight - Little Heaven Yana Hair

I haven’t really been a fan of Little Heaven (SLURL) hair, but I knew I had to have the Yana style as soon as I saw it. The color choices are rather limited, but at L$200 each I wasn’t worried about buyer’s remorse. As a "natural" redhead, I tend to choose reddish-browns, like the Caramel option pictured above. Unfortunately, similiar older styles don’t have this tone.

Despite all that, I can’t get enough of this hair. The base features a thin braid wrapped across the forehead – the braid isn’t sculpted, but I actually had to inspect it to be sure, it’s very well done! The rest of the hair is flexi and I’m in love with the movement. I’m rarely satisfied with hair that relies heavily on flat textures, but Falastear Aeon has upped the ante with this style.

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair: Little Heaven
Skin: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lashes: Laqroki
Lingerie: Insolence

Pose: TorridWear
Couch: Kopi
Chihuahua & Basket: M (Mui Runo)
Bulldog: Vooner (No longer available; Choice!)
Owl Pillow: Scribble (No longer available; 50L Friday.)
Other Pillows: Pillow Talk
Rug & Typewriter: (No longer available; store closed.)
Skybox: DP Yumyum (No longer available; limited edition.)