Candy's Dandy Lookbook #18

There are a lot of events this weekend, with much of the proceeds going to the Red Cross – if you’re interested in donating, check out the Haiti fundraiser hosted on the Scribble sim. Some participants in this week’s Fifty Linden Friday have also put out special red donation items. One of my favorite pose creators, Willa Whybrow, of Waffle and DFO!, has set all vendors in her stores to split proceeds, donating 50% to the Red Cross. I took the opportunity to buy some of her new pose sets!

By the way, I really love my tutu. <3

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair, Shirt, and Leggings:
Skin: Tres Blah (No longer available – Stumblebum Brigade.)
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: Epoque
Braces: A Perfect Circle
Necklace: MPB
Skirt: Nylon Outfitters
Bracelet: Imagen
Watch: Muse
Shoes: Kari

Poses: DFO!