Product Spotlight - 5th & Oxford Brooke Skin

Roslin Petion kindly sent me her latest release Brooke. I’ve long been a fan of Roslin’s soft skins and dramatic makeup – even when 5th & Oxford (SLURL) was under a different name. (For the curious, they began as Tete a Pied, and were then known as Fleur before becoming 5th & Oxford!) While I usually prefer a slightly more youthful look, Brooke is by no means a dour old lady. With a fresh complexion and glowing highlights on the face and body, Brooke gives any avatar a lovely, confident attitude. I was quite pleased with details like the perfect belly button and carefully formed toes. The butt is also well-shaded!

Product Spotlight - 5th & Oxford Brooke Skin

Of course, I love freckles. As with nearly all of Roslin’s previous skins, though, I am left slightly disappointed in that area. While some skin creators offer freckles as an option with all makeup choices, 5th & Oxford only have a handful of freckled skins per series. Brooke has a total of 30 makeup options, but only six of these are freckled – they’re all pictured above. The freckles are quite nice, realistic and well-placed, but they are only on the face – I’d love at least a smattering of freckles across the arms and legs.

On the plus side, all of the freckled makeups are perfect for redheads. The modifiable eyebrows and low price of L$600 each make this skin a versatile, inexpensive addition to any skinaholics collection!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Skin: 5th & Oxford
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lingerie: Insolence

Poses: Reel Expression