Candy's Dandy Lookbook #34

Between Designers United and the Hair Fair, I’ve done a lot of shopping lately!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair: Fashionably Dead (Currently available at the Hair Fair.)
Skin: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: December
Necklace and Shoes: Scribble (Currently available at Designers United 4.)
Dress: Whippet & Buck (Currently available at Designers United 4.)

Poses: Waffles/DFO! (Currently available at Designers United 4.)


Happy Holidays <3

Only two little things.

Happy Holidays. <3

Today is Bandana Day. One day is set aside during every Hair Fair to show support for those suffering from hair loss, like the children receiving donations from Locks of Love. I know that we’re all quite attached to our hair, I’m no different from the rest, but you can show your support and still look good sporting one of the many bandanas available at the Hair Fair (SLURL).

bandana day - dryad 002

Fantasy figures will be pleased to see the Serpent Bandana from The Stringer Mausoleum (SLURL; Bandana available at Hair Fair (SLURL)). My dryad certainly appreciated the extra moisture on her day trip to Tempura Island (SLURL). Her flock of tame butterflies (from Sanu (SLURL)) didn’t seem to mind the serpent, thankfully!

bandana day - steampunk 002

For the more technologically minded amongst you, The Stringer Mausoleum also offers the Cog Explosion Bandana. I’ve barely been able to change out of the Bella Desastre set from League (SLURL) since buying it, so it was natural that I’d wear it with this bandana. The goggles from AM Radio (SLURL) and the Gritty Kitty (SLURL) collar just make it that much better.

Check out the Hair Fair (SLURL) before it ends on Monday! (Now’s the best time to go anyway, the sims aren’t so full!)

the sparkle village glitter poof show 001

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Hi, everybody! Welcome to the Sparkle Village Glitter Poof Show! Here’s an important announcement for all you crazy kids out there, so listen up!

Starlust (SLURL), beloved motel and home to many a cool cat, is getting a makeover! The Starlust Motel is being turned into a unicorn sex island, thanks to the hard work and dedication of two of Starlust’s most infamous residents: Apatia Hammerer and Allegory Malaprop. There’s even a new name in store, “Sparkle Village”! There are unicorns and glitter and many presents to be had, so get on over there and check it out!

the sparkle village glitter poof show 002

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That’s all the time we have for today! You know what that means, right, kids? That’s right – tune in next week for more from Glitter Poof and Candy Corn on the Sparkle Village Glitter Poof Show! Buh-bye!

like nyte'n'day 003

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In celebration of my second rezday, I treated myself to a fatpack of Curio’s (SLURL) new skins. The Vibrant line has six faces so far, each with unique makeups. I loved the idea of dimples on one face, but decided on a similar skin without dimples – the Breeze face. Picking a skintone was hard, because the Vibrant line is much redder in tone than the previously fairly yellow Curio skins. I am quite happy with the Petal skintone, though, and can choose between a light or a dark version if I feel like mixing it up. My only complaint might be the heavy shading in places, but even that is pretty – it just takes some getting used to!

There are some great events on the Grid right now. The Clothing Fair (SLURL) is always worth a visit and I love donating to a good cause. It’s not nearly as laggy as it was on the first day, either, so check it out! I am really impressed by the Armoire (SLURL) event, the jewelry on display is gorgeous and snagging limited edition items from some of my favorite designers is always a plus. The quest isn’t very difficult and is actually entertaining. I still have a few gems to collect, though, so you might see me wandering the labyrinth later!

like nyte'n'day 006

Yes, I am adorable. I look good enough to eat, but don’t gobble me up – resist the urge! Fei Bourdeille helped me tweak my shape and WL settings, I love it all! :D

spring fling

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from iCandy!

illusions goblin masquerade 2008 001

illusions goblin masquerade 2008 002

illusions goblin masquerade 2008 003

illusions goblin masquerade 2008 004

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