After visiting Chalet Linden (SLURL), it was almost inevitable that I would explore the surrounding area. The Wengen sim is part of the Snowlands Subcontinent of Sansara. There’s quite a lot to see and do in the Snowlands! For example, there’s a functional railway and pod network with scripted tours. I adore trains and tours, so Agnes Periapse and I tried both.






If you’re interested in seeing more snapshots from my grid explorations, check out my Flickr page!


Credits (on Candy)

with SL Marketplace links


Head applier: DeeTaleZ [Link to demo, full version in-world]

Eyes applier: Avi-Glam

Body: Maitreya [Lara body; in-world link]

Body applier: DeeTaleZ [Link to demo, full version in-world]

Hair: TRUTH [Makena, group gift; in-world link]

Jacket: VALE KOER [Milena Windbreaker; in-world link]

Pants: VALE KOER [Hikedup Sweatpants; in-world link]

Shoes: VALE KOER [The Vasiform, group gift; in-world link]


When I recently returned to Second Life, I spent a lot of time on mostly-empty mainland sims. I’m sure you’re familiar with this type of sim. For example, Blush (SLURL) still seems popular; I see a lot of people on the bottom of the ocean floor there. I just needed someplace quiet to get my bearings again—and to try on demos! I also needed a new “home location.”

Within a few months of joining Second Life in 2007, I had rented my first parcel. I rented or owned land until 2010, right around the time that I took a break from SL. I logged in every few years and eventually set my home location at a friend’s shop. After coming back, I did check on that location. I got caught in an unfortunate loop: ejected, sent home, ejected, sent home, ad nauseam. So much has changed in SL and it’s not surprising that the parcel had been sold!

I did some research and discovered that you can only set your home location on land you own, land owned by groups that allow you to set your home location, and Infohubs. After a little more digging, I found a list of official Infohubs on the Second Life Wiki. I visited most of them and have currently settled on Chalet Linden (SLURL). At least it’s seasonally appropriate!


While hopping around the grid in search of a new “home,” I was also busy updating my wardrobe. COCO (SLURL) has a nice range of casual clothing, including this comfy oversized sweater and jeans. I found the boots at ROC (SLURL) and have been wearing them a lot! I found both stores to be quite affordable, as well! And, speaking of deals, the hair pictured was a group gift from Truth (SLURL). There’s a fee to join the Truth group, but I think it’s worth it!



Head applier: DeeTaleZ [Link to demo, full version in-world]

Eyes applier: Avi-Glam

Body: Maitreya [Lara body; in-world link]

Body applier: DeeTaleZ [Link to demo, full version in-world]

Hair: TRUTH [Group gift, Makena; in-world link]

Sweater: *COCO*

Jeans: *COCO*

Boots: ::ROC::










Pteron (SLURL), as of March 28th, 2009.

“We are all connected — to each other biologically; to the earth chemically; and to the rest of the universe atomically.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Symphony of Science – We Are All Connected

explore - cicada 001

explore - cicada 002

explore - cicada 003

explore - cicada 008

explore - cicada 010

If you’re looking for a great background for your next silks photoshoot, try Cicada (SLURL). My contacts on Flickr have been busy exploring and photographing this gorgeous sim and I just had to see it for myself. (See Ramona Forcella‘s shot or Divine Tokyoska‘s take.)

Most of the furniture pictured is from NOTsoBAD (SLURL), a furniture store that carries more than just Arabian-themed items. I was impressed with the texturing work and prim-saving use of sculpties. Some pieces are a bit expensive, like the fully functioning sex beds, but most items are affordable.

Cicada seems to be a mall and rental sim, with a lovely themed club in the middle. There’s also an event of some kind going on, with special vendors set up around the TP spot. It’s a French-owned sim, so I couldn’t glean much more information about it!

loco pocos island 001

loco pocos island 003

loco pocos island 004

loco pocos island 005

loco pocos island 006

loco pocos island 007

loco pocos island 008

loco pocos island 009

loco pocos island 010

loco pocos island 011

loco pocos island 012

Location: Loco Pocos Island (SLURL).

Avatars: Loco Pocos.
Hair (on female): Curio Obscura.

l'arbre monde drow 001

l'arbre monde 001

Location: L’arbre Monde (SLURL)

Skin: MiaSofia
Eyes: Soda
Ears: Illusions
Hair: Magika
Armor: Random Inspirations

pet village 001

pet village 002

Location: Pet Village Japan (SLURL)

Pets: Golden Hand
Hat: Barnes Boutique
Hair: Armidi
Eyes: Simtropia
Skin: Cake
Dress and Socks: Bare Rose
Bracelet: Le Zoo
Watch: GOS
Shoes: J’s

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