Meme - Changes

Challenged by Sophia Harlow to get “retro”. I loved doing this challenge. After joining SL, I began shopping nearly immediately, picking up my first shape, skin, and clothing within the first week. I also began blogging after just a few months, having refined my look and shopping technique. SL changes quickly, so I was really surprised to see how many of my old favorites are still available!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan, left):
Hair: Naughty
Skin: PixelDeep
Eyes: E’s
Jewelry and Shoes: Shiny Things (Jewelry available in updated form.)
Bracelet: XS (No longer available – store closed.)
Dress: Shine (No longer available – store closed.)
Stockings: CGBG

Wearing (Candy Flanagan, right):
Skin: Tres Blah (No longer available – Designers United III.)
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: Arai
Necklace: Violet Voltaire
Bracelet: Imagen
Watch: Muse
Jacket: Cubic Effect
Dress: Narwhal
Stockings: Zaara
Shoes: Shiny Things

Meme - Changes

My basic look hasn’t changed drastically since February of 2007. I’m still a fairly short, freckled redhead. My shape has gone through a number of changes, becoming softer and more realistic, with healthy curves. I was so skinny in the beginning, and, with those big eyes, I looked like an anime character!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan, left):
Hair: Naughty
Skin: PixelDeep
Eyes: E’s
Lingerie and Stockings: Chic Boutique (No longer available – store closed.)

Wearing (Candy Flanagan, right):
Skin: Tres Blah
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lingerie: Insolence

Poses: Reel Expression

As an added bonus: Here’s one of the first snapshots I ever took, from March 5th, 2007, not even two weeks after joining SL!

March 5th, 2007

I think I already knew I was going to be an SL photographer.


I joined Second Life at the end of February of 2007. Two months later, I joined Flickr and my blog followed soon after. I didn’t come to SL for fashion blogging, but it’s certainly one of the reasons I stuck around! Shopping and photography are my main hobbies in SL and I’ve learned so much doing both. I love exploring the Grid and am constantly amazed by what fellow Residents come up with.

2007 brought sculpties to SL and many designers won me over with their use of them, both old favorites and new discoveries. I moved on from Empyrean Emporium (now Curio), becoming obsessed with one skin maker after another, but Insolence stood out. Armidi burst onto the scene late in the year and I completely abandoned Naughty Designs hair for their work. The jack-of-all-trades RaC ( now known as Laqroki) caught my attention with their silky hair textures, even though I thought their skins were overpriced. I discovered the joy that is Japanese mall sims, snapping up as many bargains as I could get my hands on. In short, I shopped ’til I dropped and loved every minute of it.

blast from the past - outfits 003

From left to right: The first outfit is probably my all-time favorite. If I don’t know what else to wear, I dig out the folder labeled “Snuggly Black & Purple” and, voila, instant comfort and style. The outfit centers around clothing from Savvy? and Shop Seu, with accessories from Armidi, Illusions, Persenickety, PixelDolls, and Vertically Challenged. Savvy? shows up again in the next outfit, as well as Artilleri, Boing Fromage, Shiny Things, and Tres Blah. The bohemian look works well with clothing from Cubic Effect, Etch’D tattoos, shoes from G Field, and jewelry from Bare Rose and Shiny Things. The infamous Armidi supplied the jeans for the last look, and there’s also a tee from Gritty Kitty, shoes from Sculpties Up In Here, a Yummy bag, and an animated camera from LustyFen.

blast from the past - outfits 006

In the summer of 2007, I met Siyu Suen, the mastermind behind Illusions (SLURL). It all started with a request for a custom mask and ended in a lasting friendship. I also began greeting at Illusions and I really couldn’t ask for a better job. It’s a gorgeous environment, the customers are amazing, and just look what I get to wear to work!

From left to right: The angel is decked out in Dark Eden gear, and wings from Illusions. The centaur has faun legs from Titania’s Court, armor from Random Inspirations, and a mask from Illusions. My Harlequin outfit features pieces from Illusions, clothing from LF, and a Nomine skin. I snuck in the last avatar (or I got inattentive sorting through so many snapshots!), it’s a modified Catty avatar from Sense with Etch’D tattoos – I could certainly wear it to work with one of Siyu’s cat masks, though!

I have always loved the creative aspect of Second Life. Whether it’s imaginative architecture, fantasy roleplaying or visiting virtual places you’d never get a chance to see in person, there’s nearly no limit to what can be done in SL – or what one can be. My avatar isn’t a representation of myself and I am always eager to try new things. The only thing I haven’t enjoyed is the response that some avatars seem to invite. I was very anxious in the past about sharing anything but my “known” avatar form, the freckly, snubnosed redhead most often seen on my blog. Thanks to bloggers like Achariya Maktoum (URL), Dakota Lubitsch (URL), and Mourna Biziou (URL), I have begun sharing more exotic avatars, as well. If these amazing bloggers don’t feel like they have to be anxious about being unique, neither do I!

blast from the past - my first furry

I bought my very first Furry avatar in July of 2007, about half a year after I joined SL. (It’s the Kani avatar from Curious (SLURL).) I thought it was simply adorable and it was certainly a big step up from the Tiny bunny avatar I bought in my first month. I was aware of the negative reputation that Furries have in SL, so I didn’t show the new avatar to many people. Despite that, I loved everything about it and spent hours dressing up and exploring Furry sims. Since then, I have found new Furry avatars and added them to a growing collection of favorites. I’ve also made a number of friends in the Furry community and, let me tell you, they’re just like you and me!

blast from the past - the user

I also kept this avatar under wraps for the most part. After reading an interview on Y Me, I asked shape maker Mellow Poppy to create a custom shape for me. I sent her a few pictures of myself, the user behind Candy, and she went to work, coming up with something I was ecstatic over. My enthusiasm dwindled a bit when I realized how even close friends reacted negatively to the change in my appearance. My normal avatar had very realistic proportions and tended towards the short and chubby side, so I never imagined the reactions I would receive by simply tweaking my avatar to be taller and curvier. I wanted to switch avatars, but those close to me were unsettled – some were even quite adamant about not liking the new look. In the end, I decided for myself that I would like to be something different in SL than I am in person. I didn’t base my decision on what my friends said, that’s just what SL is about for me – being anything and everything you can’t be anywhere else.

In the spirit of Pink Shirt Day and International Stand Up to Bullying Day, please respect your fellow Second Life Residents. In a world full of possibility, why should we bother with something as mundane as bullying?

My rezday was at the end of February and that means I’ve been in Second Life for two years now! Sometimes it feels like ages, but I also can’t deny that time flies when you’re having fun. My website was down for most of February and I was on a sort of hiatus from SL as well, so I didn’t celebrate my two-year rezday. I’m back now, though, with a functioning blog! The archives got eaten, but I’ve put up backdated posts with snapshots and credits, thanks to Flickr. (I’ve also learned to make WordPress backups, maybe I’ll remember this time!)

I started a project before I even realized my rezday had come and gone. I’ve been going through my SL photography, sorting over fifty gigabytes of pictures from the last two years. Some shots never made it to Flickr or my blog, so it has been a fun to dust them off. I’ve uploaded a lot of snapshots to Flickr, backdated as well. If you really want to see them, you can start at the first public picture and browse forward.

Here are some of the very first outfits I put together and photographed, about a month after joining SL (I was fast!):

blast from the past - outfits 001

I doubt I can credit everything shown, since I don’t even own some of it anymore after so long. I was definitely wearing an early Curio skin (then under the name of Empyrean Emporium) and hair from Naughty Designs. My eyes were from E’s, I believe, which I had read about on Linden Lifestyles (URL). My shoes were nearly all from Shiny Things or Boing Fromage, but there’s a random pair of sneakers up there that I can’t identify anymore.

From left to right: The lingerie was from Artilleri, which was the first store that I fell in love with on SL! My first dress was from a store called Shine that seems to have disappeared from the Grid, but it was also one of my very favorites. The third outfit was a mash-up of pieces from both Boing Fromage and Rummage. The second dress was also from Boing Fromage. The top from the fourth outfit was once again from Rummage and the jeans were from Tres Blah. The adorable jeans pantsuit was from Nyte’N’Day.

blast from the past - outfits 002

I branched out fairly quickly, looking for interesting skins and trying out different hair colors. I was obsessed with Naughty Designs hair for the longest time, eventually owning every single style in my favorite shade of red.

From left to right: The skin from the first outfit was from Nylon Outfitters, the top was from Sassafras and the jeans were from Tres Blah. I especially loved the handdrawn look of all three stores. Artilleri supplied the second outfit and the third outfit was pictured above already – what can I say, I really like polka dots! The shoes from the third outfit were from Beckenbauer Productions, the jewelry from Miriel. The pale skin was also from Empyrean Emporium. I was quite proud of the Chic Boutique lingerie, fourth from the left, but I have completely forgotten who made that shamrock jewelry set – I’d guess H&M? Jewelry, dress, and shoes from the last outfit were all from Paper Couture. I am still completely and utterly infatuated with Paper Couture!

I make no guarantees that anything pictured is still available. In fact, I am quite sure that you can’t get your hands on a number of things, but I just wanted to share some fond memories of my first few months in SL!

skin madness 001
skin madness 002
skin madness 003
skin madness 004

challenge - dress me up 004

challenge - dress me up 005

Location: Truth (SLURL)

Hat & Hair: ETD
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Outfit: MG Fashion
Watch: Muse
Shoes: Truth
Pose: Reel Expression

winter play 003

winter play 004

Location: The Quiet (SLURL)

Hat: Sculpties Up In Here
Hair: Gritty Kitty
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Outfit: Rebel Xtravaganza
Socks: Shiny Things
Shoes: Kurotsubaki
Pose: Reel Expression

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