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The tantalizing idea of tattoo layers was one of the main reasons I finally made the switch to SL Viewer 2.0. I’m not exactly a makeup fanatic in SL. I prefer natural looks, with minimal makeup. What I am fanatic about, though, is freckles. I have often wished for more freckle options from skin creators. The idea that I could add freckles to any skin at all definitely had me excited!

I have spent the majority of my increasingly rare time in SL recently trying to relearn navigation in Viewer 2.0. I have also been test driving a skin from Mynerva (SLURL) that I bought in September. This skin was made not only with the tattoo layer options in mind, but also convienently fuels my “perfect freckle” desire.

Makeup Anatomy

Pictured above, in the first row, is a deconstructed view of the Mynerva “Plain Jane” skin, with added makeup and lashes shown in the second row.

I began with the Plain Jane skin from Mynerva. This skin comes with multiple options, including the “no brows” version with eyeliner seen here. After choosing the base skin in Butterscotch, I added eyebrows on a tattoo layer. The eyebrows are also from Mynerva – Style 2 in Red Light. Another tattoo layer was added, this time the Mynerva “Hundreds and Thousands” freckles. Again, everything from Mynerva comes with a lot of choices. I believe the light tone would have been the choice for my skin tone, but I wanted darker freckles and chose the mid tone version instead.

I am still exploring my options in terms of makeup layers at the moment, but, for this look, I used the free “Fall 2008” makeup from alaskametro (SLURL). This makeup includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, and light lipstick on one layer. At this point, I could have also added a lash layer, but I still prefer prim lashes – the Natural lashes from Laqroki (SLURL) are my favorite.

I have also been looking for tattoo layer makeup on the SL Marketplace this weekend, and these are some of my finds:

Makeup Demos - Bounce and Launa Fauna

Makeup Demos - MiaSnow

Makeup Demos - PixelDolls

SL Marketplace Links:
L. Fauna

So far, I have chosen to demo brands that I am familiar with, but I am always open to suggestions!


Modern Pin-Up - Rainy Day

Modern Pin-Up - Rainy Day

Modern Pin-Up - Rainy Day

Modern Pin-Up - Rainy Day

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair: kik
Skin: Tres Blah
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: December
Bracelet: Imagen
Watch: Muse
Shorts: Viva La Glam (No longer available.)
Tights: xbordeaux
Shoes: Smersh

Location: Body Language (SLURL)
Car: Pro Street Cars
Poses: Body Language
Rain and Puddle Effects: Damani

I photoshopped this set slightly more than usual, fixing pose glitches and smoothing out prims and seams.

Store Spotlight - Tee*fy

I absolutely adore leggings. I’d seen some leggings from a new store on the feeds recently, but what got my attention was the polka-dotted gacha leggings (a gacha is a gumball machine vendor that typically gives out a random item for a low price). If there’s anything I love more than leggings, it’s a good gacha! So, I went to Tee*fy (SLURL), only to fall instantly in love with the store. I bought half a dozen leggings and threw my Lindens at the gacha until I had the entire polka-dotted collection!

Store Spotlight - Tee*fy

The leggings from Tee*fy are well-made, with soft shading and a hand-drawn finishing seam around the waist. There are some seam issues and stretching around the ankles, but I’m more than willing to look past such things – the sock mesh is abysmal. The leggings are quite inexpensive, at L$50-L$60 each. The gacha items are only L$30 apiece and the Pink Romance leggings (pictured above, far right) are only L$1! What I really love, though, is the pattern and color choices and I can’t wait to see what other quirky goodness Azure Electricteeth shares with us.

product spotlight - Niniko Gacha Shoes 001

The shoes pictured are also worth mentioning, as they are a new release from Niniko (SLURL) and available in a gacha. The shoes are L$40 each, but Niniko offers them for sale in a fatpack, in case you don’t want to leave things up to chance!

One of the great things about gacha items is that, while usually not copiable, they are often transferable, so you can share extras with your friends!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan’s Legs):
Leggings: Tee*fy
Shoes: Niniko

Poses: Reel Expression

Product Spotlight - 5th & Oxford Brooke Skin

Roslin Petion kindly sent me her latest release Brooke. I’ve long been a fan of Roslin’s soft skins and dramatic makeup – even when 5th & Oxford (SLURL) was under a different name. (For the curious, they began as Tete a Pied, and were then known as Fleur before becoming 5th & Oxford!) While I usually prefer a slightly more youthful look, Brooke is by no means a dour old lady. With a fresh complexion and glowing highlights on the face and body, Brooke gives any avatar a lovely, confident attitude. I was quite pleased with details like the perfect belly button and carefully formed toes. The butt is also well-shaded!

Product Spotlight - 5th & Oxford Brooke Skin

Of course, I love freckles. As with nearly all of Roslin’s previous skins, though, I am left slightly disappointed in that area. While some skin creators offer freckles as an option with all makeup choices, 5th & Oxford only have a handful of freckled skins per series. Brooke has a total of 30 makeup options, but only six of these are freckled – they’re all pictured above. The freckles are quite nice, realistic and well-placed, but they are only on the face – I’d love at least a smattering of freckles across the arms and legs.

On the plus side, all of the freckled makeups are perfect for redheads. The modifiable eyebrows and low price of L$600 each make this skin a versatile, inexpensive addition to any skinaholics collection!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Skin: 5th & Oxford
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lingerie: Insolence

Poses: Reel Expression

Product Spotlight - Little Heaven Yana Hair

I haven’t really been a fan of Little Heaven (SLURL) hair, but I knew I had to have the Yana style as soon as I saw it. The color choices are rather limited, but at L$200 each I wasn’t worried about buyer’s remorse. As a "natural" redhead, I tend to choose reddish-browns, like the Caramel option pictured above. Unfortunately, similiar older styles don’t have this tone.

Despite all that, I can’t get enough of this hair. The base features a thin braid wrapped across the forehead – the braid isn’t sculpted, but I actually had to inspect it to be sure, it’s very well done! The rest of the hair is flexi and I’m in love with the movement. I’m rarely satisfied with hair that relies heavily on flat textures, but Falastear Aeon has upped the ante with this style.

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair: Little Heaven
Skin: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lashes: Laqroki
Lingerie: Insolence

Pose: TorridWear
Couch: Kopi
Chihuahua & Basket: M (Mui Runo)
Bulldog: Vooner (No longer available; Choice!)
Owl Pillow: Scribble (No longer available; 50L Friday.)
Other Pillows: Pillow Talk
Rug & Typewriter: (No longer available; store closed.)
Skybox: DP Yumyum (No longer available; limited edition.)

new image 001

One of the absolute highlights of the Skin and Shape Expo (SLURL) this year is the latest release from Imagen (SLURL). Rack Brautigan has updated her skins with lovely new bodies. I am on a constant quest for freckled perfection and the Irene face from Imagen has always been one of my favorites. Irene is perfect for redheads or anyone else with a love of freckles.

new image 004

There are more new releases from Imagen at the Skin and Shape Expo, including a male skin. Don’t forget to check out the Expo before it’s over, on the 10th of October – you just might find something that suits you perfectly!

Today is Bandana Day. One day is set aside during every Hair Fair to show support for those suffering from hair loss, like the children receiving donations from Locks of Love. I know that we’re all quite attached to our hair, I’m no different from the rest, but you can show your support and still look good sporting one of the many bandanas available at the Hair Fair (SLURL).

bandana day - dryad 002

Fantasy figures will be pleased to see the Serpent Bandana from The Stringer Mausoleum (SLURL; Bandana available at Hair Fair (SLURL)). My dryad certainly appreciated the extra moisture on her day trip to Tempura Island (SLURL). Her flock of tame butterflies (from Sanu (SLURL)) didn’t seem to mind the serpent, thankfully!

bandana day - steampunk 002

For the more technologically minded amongst you, The Stringer Mausoleum also offers the Cog Explosion Bandana. I’ve barely been able to change out of the Bella Desastre set from League (SLURL) since buying it, so it was natural that I’d wear it with this bandana. The goggles from AM Radio (SLURL) and the Gritty Kitty (SLURL) collar just make it that much better.

Check out the Hair Fair (SLURL) before it ends on Monday! (Now’s the best time to go anyway, the sims aren’t so full!)

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