What is iCandy?
iCandy is a website run by SL Resident Candy Flanagan. Candy, an avid shopper and SL photographer, uses her blog to share interesting finds with other Residents. iCandy is known for featuring unusual and exceptional items, incorporating Candy’s eclectic personal style. While the main focus is fashion, iCandy also reports about interesting locations and events.

You can view Candy’s Flickr photostream here.

Does Candy accept review items?
Candy Flanagan accepts items for review, but this is not a guarantee that they will be reviewed. For more details, please see iCandy Review Policy.

Can I hire Candy?
While Candy views photography and blogging as a hobby, she is always interested in working on unique projects. If you are looking for a writer, photographer, or photojournalist, drop a notecard detailing the work on Candy Flanagan.

What is Second Life?
Second Life is a virtual world. Unlike traditional gaming, there are no real goals to achieve in Second Life. Rather, Second Life is a creative social platform with nearly unlimited possibilities.

Second Life, SL, SLURL and WindLight are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. Candy Flanagan and iCandy are not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research, Inc.


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