The following prices are guidelines. If you are interested, please drop Candy Flanagan a notecard or send an email detailing your request.

Personal Photography
L$1200 for first photo, L$1000 for each additional photo; L$400 per additional model.

Commercial Photography
L$1500L for first photo, L$1200L for each additional photo; L$500L per additional model.

Discounts offered on modelling portfolios, with prices starting at L$5000 for five photos. Packages include a copyable portfolio.

iCandy offers either studio photography or on-location shoots. All locations outside of the studio must allow both scripts and object rezzing. If you are not sure of a suitable location, a list of suggestions is available.

Please Note:
– Each set will require up to a week to process.
– All textures you receive will have full permissions.
– Please prepare yourself ahead of time, including all outfits and styling. Leave yourself at least an hour for basic appointments, up to two or three hours for advanced shootings. While it is possible to break sessions up into multiple sittings, it is not always recommended.
– Remove or turn off your AO, facelight and any particle-emitting attachments before arrival.

Payment Policy
– Appointments require a 50% deposit, refundable in full if cancellations are made more than 48 hours in advance.


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