Review Policy
Candy Flanagan accepts items, both new and old, as well as store cards. If you would like to send items, please put them in a folder and include a landmark to your main store.

Candy only reviews items that she likes. If she does not blog your items, it is not meant as a negative critique – tastes just differ sometimes!

Personal Taste
Candy has a distinct, signature style. If you would like her to blog items that fit this style, please send the following:

– Red hair.
– Pale to medium skintones with freckled, natural or rosy makeups.
– Casual clothing.
– Adorable accessories.

Candy does not always adhere to this style, though, and is more than willing to accept and review the following items:

– Steampunk, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk clothing and accessories.
– Any skintone, including very pale, dark or fantasy skintones.
– Complete avatars, including Furry, Tiny and mermaid avatars.
– Anything new and unique!

If you have a sim that you would like Candy to visit, drop her a landmark or a notecard and let her know!


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