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Desktop goodies! Clearly meant to be viewed in full for ultimate candy-coated glory.

A homage to Toy from Toyboxarts and his iMac Girls.

You can grab the outfit yourself at Canimal, in your choice of four colors! The skin and eyes are from AniMe and the hair from Kin Keiko. [The eyes were pretty heavily edited in post-processing, I wanted them to match my outfit. This color isn’t available!]



Earl Semaphore
Skin: Custom gift.
Hair: Untamed in Drift Wood from Naughty (Lost Therian).
Eyes: True Eyes in Brown2 from True 2 Life Eyes (Lucian Overlord).
Clothing: Highland Outfit (Kilt, Cape, Jacket, Shirt) Custom Lasmont Tartan by Krispin Cleanslat; ; Pirate Boots from Illusions (Siyu Suen).
Accessories: Boutineer in Red and Civetta in Black/Silver from Illusions (Siyu Suen); Ezerial Angel Wings from Material Squirrel (Kala Bijoux); Horsehair Sporran by Lacy 217Mcluhan.

Candy Flanagan
Skin: Etheria in Ianthe from Sin Skins (Portia Sin).
Hair: Lucy in blue from Kin (Kin Keiko).
Eyes: Nekama eyes in magenta from AniMe (Nephilaine Protagonist).
Clothing: Relay Gypsy Princess from Nicky Ree (Nicky Ree).
Accessories: Rose Wreath, Arm Wraps, and Boutineer in White and Cellini Veil from Illusions (Siyu Suen); Storm Wings 4.0 in indigo from Material Squirrel (Kala Bijoux).


Hair: Mika in purple from Kin Keiko Designs (Kin Keiko)
Eyes: Nekama eyes in magenta from AniMe (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Skin: Softshaded skin in soft, bare from AniMe (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Clothing: Full Bodysuit in Jade from from Seinen (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Accessories: Bat wings in light (tinted) from Seven’s Selections (Jen Shikami)