In the spirit of “better late than never,” here are a handful of looks that I have rescued from my archives. For full details, please click through to the Flickr page!

Fashionably Late - Tricky Train

Fashionably Late - Green Girly

Fashionably Late - Artsy Apron

Fashionably Late - Brainy Babe

Fashionably Late - Gizmo Gidget

Fashionably Late - Flirty Formal


Candy's Dandy Lookbook #6

A warm, wintery look based on the 50L Friday hair from!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hat and Hair: (No longer available – 50L Friday.)
Skin and Bracelet: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: primOptic
Jacket: SG Fashion (Free; currently available – Le.Look anniversary.)
Sweater: Scribble (No longer available – 50L Friday; other colors available for sale.)
Necklace: Boing Fromage
Gloves: anuenue (Random vendor.)
Watch: Muse (Free; no longer available – NY sim gift; other colors available for sale.)
Stockings: BP
Shoes: NC+ (Free; no longer available – Christmas 2009; other colors available for sale.)

Poses: Reel Expression

Candy's Dandy Lookbook #2

Just a casual look for shopping around the Grid today, featuring old and new favorites. I updated my shape and the jeans and sweater hug my slightly more ample curves wonderfully!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Skin: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: primOptic
Necklace: Boing Fromage
Sweater: (Free!)
Jeans: Ingenue
Shoes: Shiny Things

Poses: Reel Expression

candy's dandy lookbook 001

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Skin: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: Arai
Necklace: HPMD (No longer available, store gift.)
Bracelet: Imagen
Watch: Muse
Sweater: UnTone Quilt (No longer available, the store is gone.)
Leggings: Boing Fromage (No longer available, hunt gift.)
Shoes: 0N

Poses: Reel Expression

new image 001

One of the absolute highlights of the Skin and Shape Expo (SLURL) this year is the latest release from Imagen (SLURL). Rack Brautigan has updated her skins with lovely new bodies. I am on a constant quest for freckled perfection and the Irene face from Imagen has always been one of my favorites. Irene is perfect for redheads or anyone else with a love of freckles.

new image 004

There are more new releases from Imagen at the Skin and Shape Expo, including a male skin. Don’t forget to check out the Expo before it’s over, on the 10th of October – you just might find something that suits you perfectly!

like nyte'n'day 003

Photo Credits

In celebration of my second rezday, I treated myself to a fatpack of Curio’s (SLURL) new skins. The Vibrant line has six faces so far, each with unique makeups. I loved the idea of dimples on one face, but decided on a similar skin without dimples – the Breeze face. Picking a skintone was hard, because the Vibrant line is much redder in tone than the previously fairly yellow Curio skins. I am quite happy with the Petal skintone, though, and can choose between a light or a dark version if I feel like mixing it up. My only complaint might be the heavy shading in places, but even that is pretty – it just takes some getting used to!

There are some great events on the Grid right now. The Clothing Fair (SLURL) is always worth a visit and I love donating to a good cause. It’s not nearly as laggy as it was on the first day, either, so check it out! I am really impressed by the Armoire (SLURL) event, the jewelry on display is gorgeous and snagging limited edition items from some of my favorite designers is always a plus. The quest isn’t very difficult and is actually entertaining. I still have a few gems to collect, though, so you might see me wandering the labyrinth later!

like nyte'n'day 006

Yes, I am adorable. I look good enough to eat, but don’t gobble me up – resist the urge! Fei Bourdeille helped me tweak my shape and WL settings, I love it all! :D

My rezday was at the end of February and that means I’ve been in Second Life for two years now! Sometimes it feels like ages, but I also can’t deny that time flies when you’re having fun. My website was down for most of February and I was on a sort of hiatus from SL as well, so I didn’t celebrate my two-year rezday. I’m back now, though, with a functioning blog! The archives got eaten, but I’ve put up backdated posts with snapshots and credits, thanks to Flickr. (I’ve also learned to make WordPress backups, maybe I’ll remember this time!)

I started a project before I even realized my rezday had come and gone. I’ve been going through my SL photography, sorting over fifty gigabytes of pictures from the last two years. Some shots never made it to Flickr or my blog, so it has been a fun to dust them off. I’ve uploaded a lot of snapshots to Flickr, backdated as well. If you really want to see them, you can start at the first public picture and browse forward.

Here are some of the very first outfits I put together and photographed, about a month after joining SL (I was fast!):

blast from the past - outfits 001

I doubt I can credit everything shown, since I don’t even own some of it anymore after so long. I was definitely wearing an early Curio skin (then under the name of Empyrean Emporium) and hair from Naughty Designs. My eyes were from E’s, I believe, which I had read about on Linden Lifestyles (URL). My shoes were nearly all from Shiny Things or Boing Fromage, but there’s a random pair of sneakers up there that I can’t identify anymore.

From left to right: The lingerie was from Artilleri, which was the first store that I fell in love with on SL! My first dress was from a store called Shine that seems to have disappeared from the Grid, but it was also one of my very favorites. The third outfit was a mash-up of pieces from both Boing Fromage and Rummage. The second dress was also from Boing Fromage. The top from the fourth outfit was once again from Rummage and the jeans were from Tres Blah. The adorable jeans pantsuit was from Nyte’N’Day.

blast from the past - outfits 002

I branched out fairly quickly, looking for interesting skins and trying out different hair colors. I was obsessed with Naughty Designs hair for the longest time, eventually owning every single style in my favorite shade of red.

From left to right: The skin from the first outfit was from Nylon Outfitters, the top was from Sassafras and the jeans were from Tres Blah. I especially loved the handdrawn look of all three stores. Artilleri supplied the second outfit and the third outfit was pictured above already – what can I say, I really like polka dots! The shoes from the third outfit were from Beckenbauer Productions, the jewelry from Miriel. The pale skin was also from Empyrean Emporium. I was quite proud of the Chic Boutique lingerie, fourth from the left, but I have completely forgotten who made that shamrock jewelry set – I’d guess H&M? Jewelry, dress, and shoes from the last outfit were all from Paper Couture. I am still completely and utterly infatuated with Paper Couture!

I make no guarantees that anything pictured is still available. In fact, I am quite sure that you can’t get your hands on a number of things, but I just wanted to share some fond memories of my first few months in SL!