space opera

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Shoulder Pads, Neck Wrap, and Glove: MekaNoiZe Labs (No longer available; store closed.)
Wings: Renari
Bodysuit: PixelDolls
Glowing Panels: Paradisis
Shoes: SLink

Pose: Glanz


My Boyfriend's Sweater 001

When I saw the new loose sweater from Arai (SLURL), I knew I had to have it. Arai is a men’s clothing store. In RL, wearing men’s clothing is easy, but the nature of prim attachments in SL often means pieces need fine tuning. I shrank the prim sleeves and body to fit, made sure I was wearing the shirt layer to make the sweater loose, and put together an outfit. With my favorite pair of Zaara (SLURL) jeans and Slanted Fox (SLURL) sneakers, I was comfortably dressed.

My Boyfriend's Sweater 003

The girly accessories from Yummy (SLURL) and Scribble (SLURL) softened the masculine look, making it seem like I just stole my boyfriend’s sweater before heading out. Let’s just hope he doesn’t remember all the band t-shirts I already “borrowed”!

fashionable freebies 001

Creator’s Pavillion (SLURL) has a new neighbor, the recently opened Switch (SLURL) sim. Switch is home to the mainstores of Niniko and Arai. Both sims are full of quality Japanese stores and well worth visiting. There’s even more incentive to check them out right now, as many stores on Switch are offering freebies to celebrate the sim opening. Be sure to visit Creator’s Pavillion as well, though, because there are some great freebie finds there, too!

Without really meaning to, I created two contrasting outfits and images, both featuring umbrellas! I love umbrella AOs. I have two, from TorridWear and ANA_Mations. They’re both adorable and give me plenty of reason to wander around the Grid, hoping it will rain.

rainy day 001

The first outfit is classic Candy. It all started with the free frog hat from Slanted Fox (SLURL). The Fishy Strawberry (SLURL) shrug might match, but it’s a clash fest from there on, with a bright pink playsuit from MG Fashions (SLURL), neon green fanny pack from Yummy (SLURL), and happy yellow rubber ducky wellies from Jeepers Creepers. The TorridWear (SLURL) color-change umbrella, with AO, completes the look. Taking a picture in a black-and-white room I found while exploring was just an extra bonus!

gray world

After a couple of days wandering the Grid in the previous outfit, I apparently needed a fashion palette cleanser. I went for completely monotone, in shades of gray from UnToneQuilt (SLURL). The gray skin is from Launa Fauna of Chai (SLURL) and was available on a previous incarnation of the Silent sim (home to the Kyoot main store; SLURL), but I don’t believe it is available any more. Katat0nik’s (SLURL) scripted hair came in handy when looking for a gray shade to complete the outfit – I love having so many options! I chose the ANA_Mations (SLURL) umbrella and AO for this shot, the free monochrome parasol was a perfect match.

As I was exploring the Katat0nik sim, I came across a perfect tiny globe from 109 Prims (SLURL). I love the creativity and attention to detail that shows in everything from 109 Prims and the globe made a perfect photography background!

SRD - Lucretia

Silver Rose Designs (SLURL) has long been one of my favorite stores, even though I have never blogged any of Yuriko Muromachi’s designs before. With so many great stores in SL, it’s often difficult to feature your favorites, but I just knew I had to blog the new Lucretia dresses from SRD. While these lovely, “grown-up lolita” dresses have been released in nine gorgeous jewel tones, the pink version pictured above is a camping prize. The camping chairs, which require the Silver Rose Designs group tag, are underneath a tree in the courtyard of the main store. Only eight minutes and this simple, yet feminine summer dress is yours!

In the spirit of “the best things in life are free”, the jewelry I chose for the photo is also free! There are six free jewelry sets available at Lucas Lameth (SLURL), each with necklace, earrings, and bangles. Lucas Lameth Fine Jewelry, formerly Earthtones, has also been one of my favorite stores for ages, so I was happy to include Lucas’ jewelry!

For full details on what is worn, click the photo to view the Flickr page, as always!

Today is Bandana Day. One day is set aside during every Hair Fair to show support for those suffering from hair loss, like the children receiving donations from Locks of Love. I know that we’re all quite attached to our hair, I’m no different from the rest, but you can show your support and still look good sporting one of the many bandanas available at the Hair Fair (SLURL).

bandana day - dryad 002

Fantasy figures will be pleased to see the Serpent Bandana from The Stringer Mausoleum (SLURL; Bandana available at Hair Fair (SLURL)). My dryad certainly appreciated the extra moisture on her day trip to Tempura Island (SLURL). Her flock of tame butterflies (from Sanu (SLURL)) didn’t seem to mind the serpent, thankfully!

bandana day - steampunk 002

For the more technologically minded amongst you, The Stringer Mausoleum also offers the Cog Explosion Bandana. I’ve barely been able to change out of the Bella Desastre set from League (SLURL) since buying it, so it was natural that I’d wear it with this bandana. The goggles from AM Radio (SLURL) and the Gritty Kitty (SLURL) collar just make it that much better.

Check out the Hair Fair (SLURL) before it ends on Monday! (Now’s the best time to go anyway, the sims aren’t so full!)

RC - Voguey Friends

RC Cluster (SLURL) is having a sale! Nearly everything on the first floor at the mainstore is 50% off, but only through the end of today. If you haven’t been to RC Cluster before, get there fast! The store is full of quirky odds and ends. RC Cluster has household appliances, school supplies, a Thanksgiving feast, even crutches and a wheelchair. You’ll find a lot of things to make your SL more like your RL, right down to pubes and armpit hair. (Eww!)

There are also cute poses, like the “Voguey Friends” pose pictured above. The poses are not currently on sale, but quite reasonably priced. I got the skating rink at RC Cluster as well, a half-price sale was the perfect excuse to splurge on a fun, new build.

RC - Sibling Rivalry

There’s so much cool stuff that Agnes and I had to duke it out over who gets to buy what. The RC Cluster pose “Sibling Rivalry” was the perfect way to express our petty frustrations. Of course, she’s on the wrong team – go Pink Tacos! If you haven’t chosen sides yet, you can get a roller derby uniform at Katat0nik (SLURL). Just don’t let me catch you in a Khorndog uniform or you’ll get what Aggie did! (No Aggies were harmed in the making of this post.)