Channeling Rosie the Riveter.

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair and Glasses: Artilleri
Skin and Bracelet: Imagen
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Top and Overalls: Ingenue
Watch: Muse
Shoes: J’s

Poses: Reel Expression


fashionable freebies 001

Creator’s Pavillion (SLURL) has a new neighbor, the recently opened Switch (SLURL) sim. Switch is home to the mainstores of Niniko and Arai. Both sims are full of quality Japanese stores and well worth visiting. There’s even more incentive to check them out right now, as many stores on Switch are offering freebies to celebrate the sim opening. Be sure to visit Creator’s Pavillion as well, though, because there are some great freebie finds there, too!

bare rose - pink mist 001

Location: Chakryn Forest (SLURL)

Hair: Armidi
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: Arai
Outfit: Bare Rose
Shoes: J’s

pet village 001

pet village 002

Location: Pet Village Japan (SLURL)

Pets: Golden Hand
Hat: Barnes Boutique
Hair: Armidi
Eyes: Simtropia
Skin: Cake
Dress and Socks: Bare Rose
Bracelet: Le Zoo
Watch: GOS
Shoes: J’s

come to me fairily 001

Location: The Garden of Afterlife (SLURL)

Hair: Loveaffair from RaC.
Skin: Frecklexplosion Spring from Candy Flanagan (me!)
Eyes: Green Deep from Simtropia.
Outfit, Hat and Bag: Come to Me Fairily from BareRose.
Shoes: Vintage Short Boots from J’s.