The tantalizing idea of tattoo layers was one of the main reasons I finally made the switch to SL Viewer 2.0. I’m not exactly a makeup fanatic in SL. I prefer natural looks, with minimal makeup. What I am fanatic about, though, is freckles. I have often wished for more freckle options from skin creators. The idea that I could add freckles to any skin at all definitely had me excited!

I have spent the majority of my increasingly rare time in SL recently trying to relearn navigation in Viewer 2.0. I have also been test driving a skin from Mynerva (SLURL) that I bought in September. This skin was made not only with the tattoo layer options in mind, but also convienently fuels my “perfect freckle” desire.

Makeup Anatomy

Pictured above, in the first row, is a deconstructed view of the Mynerva “Plain Jane” skin, with added makeup and lashes shown in the second row.

I began with the Plain Jane skin from Mynerva. This skin comes with multiple options, including the “no brows” version with eyeliner seen here. After choosing the base skin in Butterscotch, I added eyebrows on a tattoo layer. The eyebrows are also from Mynerva – Style 2 in Red Light. Another tattoo layer was added, this time the Mynerva “Hundreds and Thousands” freckles. Again, everything from Mynerva comes with a lot of choices. I believe the light tone would have been the choice for my skin tone, but I wanted darker freckles and chose the mid tone version instead.

I am still exploring my options in terms of makeup layers at the moment, but, for this look, I used the free “Fall 2008” makeup from alaskametro (SLURL). This makeup includes eyeliner, eyeshadow, and light lipstick on one layer. At this point, I could have also added a lash layer, but I still prefer prim lashes – the Natural lashes from Laqroki (SLURL) are my favorite.

I have also been looking for tattoo layer makeup on the SL Marketplace this weekend, and these are some of my finds:

Makeup Demos - Bounce and Launa Fauna

Makeup Demos - MiaSnow

Makeup Demos - PixelDolls

SL Marketplace Links:
L. Fauna

So far, I have chosen to demo brands that I am familiar with, but I am always open to suggestions!