the sparkle village glitter poof show 001

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Hi, everybody! Welcome to the Sparkle Village Glitter Poof Show! Here’s an important announcement for all you crazy kids out there, so listen up!

Starlust (SLURL), beloved motel and home to many a cool cat, is getting a makeover! The Starlust Motel is being turned into a unicorn sex island, thanks to the hard work and dedication of two of Starlust’s most infamous residents: Apatia Hammerer and Allegory Malaprop. There’s even a new name in store, “Sparkle Village”! There are unicorns and glitter and many presents to be had, so get on over there and check it out!

the sparkle village glitter poof show 002

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That’s all the time we have for today! You know what that means, right, kids? That’s right – tune in next week for more from Glitter Poof and Candy Corn on the Sparkle Village Glitter Poof Show! Buh-bye!


candy's closet 001

Hair: Poynter from Armidi.
Eyes: Natural eyes from Simtropia.
Skin: Sierra from Cake.
Cape: Blanket Cape from Meissa Thorne (given away at a party!)
Pajamas: Fishies Pajammies from silentsparrow.
Bunny: Quest’s Bunneh from The Cat Box.
Legwarmers: Lulu Legwarmers from Celestial Studios.
Slippers: Buny Slippers from Seven’s Selections.

straylight - ragged

straylight - embroidery

straylight - bridal

straylight - angel

straylight - faun

Hair – Tomi from Kin Keiko.
Eyes – Green natural from Simptropia.
Skin – Tomboy from BettiePage Voyager.
Horns, ears, legs and hooves – Faun avatar from Titania’s Court.
Wings – Wings from Seven’s Selections.

gelfling goes greenie

Hair: Emi from Kin Keiko.
Eyes: Strong Green eyes from Miriel.
Skin: Amy from RaC.
Shape and Ears: Unreleased items from Siyu Suen.
Wings: Ragged Fairy Wings, Pastel, 2.1 by Seven’s Selections.
Tiara, Bow, Gloves, Dress, and Tights: Wedding dress mini set from Little Heaven.
Shoes: Spring Stilettos from Shiny Things.

Greenies Home Rezzable


Hair: Mika in purple from Kin Keiko Designs (Kin Keiko)
Eyes: Nekama eyes in magenta from AniMe (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Skin: Softshaded skin in soft, bare from AniMe (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Clothing: Full Bodysuit in Jade from from Seinen (Nephilaine Protagonist)
Accessories: Bat wings in light (tinted) from Seven’s Selections (Jen Shikami)