I joined Second Life at the end of February of 2007. Two months later, I joined Flickr and my blog followed soon after. I didn’t come to SL for fashion blogging, but it’s certainly one of the reasons I stuck around! Shopping and photography are my main hobbies in SL and I’ve learned so much doing both. I love exploring the Grid and am constantly amazed by what fellow Residents come up with.

2007 brought sculpties to SL and many designers won me over with their use of them, both old favorites and new discoveries. I moved on from Empyrean Emporium (now Curio), becoming obsessed with one skin maker after another, but Insolence stood out. Armidi burst onto the scene late in the year and I completely abandoned Naughty Designs hair for their work. The jack-of-all-trades RaC ( now known as Laqroki) caught my attention with their silky hair textures, even though I thought their skins were overpriced. I discovered the joy that is Japanese mall sims, snapping up as many bargains as I could get my hands on. In short, I shopped ’til I dropped and loved every minute of it.

blast from the past - outfits 003

From left to right: The first outfit is probably my all-time favorite. If I don’t know what else to wear, I dig out the folder labeled “Snuggly Black & Purple” and, voila, instant comfort and style. The outfit centers around clothing from Savvy? and Shop Seu, with accessories from Armidi, Illusions, Persenickety, PixelDolls, and Vertically Challenged. Savvy? shows up again in the next outfit, as well as Artilleri, Boing Fromage, Shiny Things, and Tres Blah. The bohemian look works well with clothing from Cubic Effect, Etch’D tattoos, shoes from G Field, and jewelry from Bare Rose and Shiny Things. The infamous Armidi supplied the jeans for the last look, and there’s also a tee from Gritty Kitty, shoes from Sculpties Up In Here, a Yummy bag, and an animated camera from LustyFen.

blast from the past - outfits 006

In the summer of 2007, I met Siyu Suen, the mastermind behind Illusions (SLURL). It all started with a request for a custom mask and ended in a lasting friendship. I also began greeting at Illusions and I really couldn’t ask for a better job. It’s a gorgeous environment, the customers are amazing, and just look what I get to wear to work!

From left to right: The angel is decked out in Dark Eden gear, and wings from Illusions. The centaur has faun legs from Titania’s Court, armor from Random Inspirations, and a mask from Illusions. My Harlequin outfit features pieces from Illusions, clothing from LF, and a Nomine skin. I snuck in the last avatar (or I got inattentive sorting through so many snapshots!), it’s a modified Catty avatar from Sense with Etch’D tattoos – I could certainly wear it to work with one of Siyu’s cat masks, though!


modern cowgirl 001

modern cowgirl 003

modern cowgirl 006

modern cowgirl 007

Hat: Goth Cowboy hat from Illusions.
Hair: Bosabosa hair from Shop Seu. (Modified to fit the hat.)
Eyes: Green light natural eyes from Simtropia.
Skin: Amy from RaC.
Jacket, Shirt, and Skirt: Maze of Love outfit from Sugar Cube. (Also comes with a necklace, not pictured.)
Jewelry: Silver Accessories Set #01 (Turquoise) from 67angels and a Platinum/Emerald ID Bracelet from Xessories.
Shoes: Liah in Gunmetal from Last Call.




Skin: Amy in 04 from RaC (Mallory Cowen).
Hair: Jaunty in Ginger from Winter Moon (Arbel Vogel).
Eyes: Strong Green eyes from Miriel (Miriel Enfield).
Clothing: Cozy Sweater Dress in Multi Stripes from Encore (Tracy Scofield); Kushukushu kutsushita [the tights] in Brown from Shop Seu (Seu Ahn); MaryJane Flats (Patent – Urban) in Beige (scripted texture-change) from Boing Fromage (elka Lehane).
Accessories: The hat is part of the hair; Courtney glasses in Coffee and Cream from Persenickety! (Persephone Milk); 50s Dangle Owl in Bronze from Boing Fromage (elka Lehane); Pirate Belt [not released] from Illusions (Siyu Suen); Brittany Women’s Wedding Ring in Platinum/Emerald from XS (Dnel DaSilva).