Candy's Dandy Lookbook #35 - Halloween!

A bit eccentric, but that’s the way I like it. (I can’t get over the zipper on this dress, with the little S!)

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair (with Hat): Katat0nik
Skin (with Makeup): Tres Blah (No longer available; Designers United limited edition.)
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Lashes: Laqroki
Tattoo: Silent Sparrow
Collar, Cuffs, Bracelets, and Belt: Illusions (Currently available at the Jewelry Fair.)
Dress: Schadenfreude
Gloves: anuenue
Tights: BP
Shoes: HOC

Poses: Reel Expression


Without really meaning to, I created two contrasting outfits and images, both featuring umbrellas! I love umbrella AOs. I have two, from TorridWear and ANA_Mations. They’re both adorable and give me plenty of reason to wander around the Grid, hoping it will rain.

rainy day 001

The first outfit is classic Candy. It all started with the free frog hat from Slanted Fox (SLURL). The Fishy Strawberry (SLURL) shrug might match, but it’s a clash fest from there on, with a bright pink playsuit from MG Fashions (SLURL), neon green fanny pack from Yummy (SLURL), and happy yellow rubber ducky wellies from Jeepers Creepers. The TorridWear (SLURL) color-change umbrella, with AO, completes the look. Taking a picture in a black-and-white room I found while exploring was just an extra bonus!

gray world

After a couple of days wandering the Grid in the previous outfit, I apparently needed a fashion palette cleanser. I went for completely monotone, in shades of gray from UnToneQuilt (SLURL). The gray skin is from Launa Fauna of Chai (SLURL) and was available on a previous incarnation of the Silent sim (home to the Kyoot main store; SLURL), but I don’t believe it is available any more. Katat0nik’s (SLURL) scripted hair came in handy when looking for a gray shade to complete the outfit – I love having so many options! I chose the ANA_Mations (SLURL) umbrella and AO for this shot, the free monochrome parasol was a perfect match.

As I was exploring the Katat0nik sim, I came across a perfect tiny globe from 109 Prims (SLURL). I love the creativity and attention to detail that shows in everything from 109 Prims and the globe made a perfect photography background!

ruth challenge 001

ruth challenge 002

ruth challenge 003

Location: Emvee Cuba (SLURL)

Hair and Belt: Maitreya (Group Gifts)
Skin: Sin Skins (Group Gift)
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Jewelry: Curio (Group Gift)
Watch: Muse (Sim Gift)
Top: Last Call (No longer available)
Pants: MG Fashion
Shoes: Armidi

ruth challenge 004

ruth challenge 005

ruth challenge 006

Location: Emvee Cuba (SLURL)

Hair: Gritty Kitty
Skin: elka Lehane (Another Shop mod, not available)
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Headphones: Canimal
Jewelry: Miam Miam
Top: momo
Pants: Calypso Giano
Belt and Shoes: Kari

ruth challenge 007

Location: Emvee Cuba (SLURL)

Hair: Magika (Group Gift)
Skin: Curio
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Dress: Silent Sparrow (Lucky Chair exclusive)
Shoes: Draconic Kiss

candy's closet 011

Hair: Jolie from Goldie Locks.
Eyes: Natural eyes from Simtropia.
Skin: Cream tone from Chai Skins.
Outfit and Wings: Piaf from silent sparrow.
Shoes: Asuka boots from Lassitude and Ennui.

candy's closet 015

Hair: Thalia from Goldilocks.
Eyes: Natural eyes from Simtropia.
Skin: Root Beer from Empyrean Emporium.
Jewelry: Alienbear.
Dress: Victorian Checkmate from Second Thoughts.
Tattoos: Sprocket from Pushbutton Industries.

candy's closet 001

Hair: Poynter from Armidi.
Eyes: Natural eyes from Simtropia.
Skin: Sierra from Cake.
Cape: Blanket Cape from Meissa Thorne (given away at a party!)
Pajamas: Fishies Pajammies from silentsparrow.
Bunny: Quest’s Bunneh from The Cat Box.
Legwarmers: Lulu Legwarmers from Celestial Studios.
Slippers: Buny Slippers from Seven’s Selections.