Candy's Dandy Lookbook #32

Back to blogging with a few favorites!

Wearing (Candy Flanagan):
Hair and Leggings: Friday
Skin: Tres Blah
Eyes: Dernier Cri
Glasses: Epoque
Jewelry: VG Republic (No longer available – store closed.)
Dress: Nylon Outfitters
Vest: Whippet & Buck
Shoes: Smersh

Poses: Reel Expression


like nyte'n'day 003

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In celebration of my second rezday, I treated myself to a fatpack of Curio’s (SLURL) new skins. The Vibrant line has six faces so far, each with unique makeups. I loved the idea of dimples on one face, but decided on a similar skin without dimples – the Breeze face. Picking a skintone was hard, because the Vibrant line is much redder in tone than the previously fairly yellow Curio skins. I am quite happy with the Petal skintone, though, and can choose between a light or a dark version if I feel like mixing it up. My only complaint might be the heavy shading in places, but even that is pretty – it just takes some getting used to!

There are some great events on the Grid right now. The Clothing Fair (SLURL) is always worth a visit and I love donating to a good cause. It’s not nearly as laggy as it was on the first day, either, so check it out! I am really impressed by the Armoire (SLURL) event, the jewelry on display is gorgeous and snagging limited edition items from some of my favorite designers is always a plus. The quest isn’t very difficult and is actually entertaining. I still have a few gems to collect, though, so you might see me wandering the labyrinth later!

like nyte'n'day 006

Yes, I am adorable. I look good enough to eat, but don’t gobble me up – resist the urge! Fei Bourdeille helped me tweak my shape and WL settings, I love it all! :D